Style Guide

This application is a living style guide, generated from KSS documented styles.


Getting started with Gulp

Grab NVM to make sure you're using the right version of NodeJS.

nvm use

Next install all gulp dependencies declared in the package.json file. From the theme directory run:

npm install

Sweet. Gulp should be ready to go. Let's make it do work. Here's a list of the available gulp commands.

  • gulp

    Compiles Sass and regenerates the style guide using KSS Node.

    npm run gulp
  • gulp-styleguide

    Regenerates the styleguide without recompiling Sass.

    npm run gulp-styleguide
  • gulp-watch

    Watches Sass files in current theme directory. When a file is changed Sass will be recompiled. Also uses browser-sync for hot pushing css updates.

    npm run gulp-watch