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Marsha Nash
Marsha Nash

Manager - Strategy and Planning

Our Benefits

We offer a variety of benefits to our employees across our many global locations. In addition to a competitive salary, we ensure we offer health and welfare benefits, insurance and retirement plans, and in many cases other voluntary benefits and initiatives that are in line with local market norms.

Work Life Balance
At Travelport, we understand the importance of a work life balance, and in many roles and locations we are able to offer flexible working solutions. These may include home and remote working, flexible working hours and patterns. We understand that our committed people expect a good work life balance, and by supporting this, both the company and our teams will prosper and succeed.

Career Development
Travelport is committed to personal development and build planning into our annual review processes to ensure it is an ongoing consideration for everyone. We have many online courses, technical and non-technical, to hone current skills or learn new ones. We also facilitate classroom-based management development sessions, coaching and mentoring, and provide access to external courses and events. Development, at every level, is a priority at Travelport. 

Pay for Performance/Profit Share
Everyone at Travelport shares in the business’ success, either with a performance related bonus or participation in our annual profit share plan. We know that our people are the key to our success and believe that everyone should be rewarded for their hard work and efforts in helping to achieve our goals.