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Travelport Academy Microsite
The global home of Travelport travel training for the Apollo, Galileo and Worldspan Global Distribution Systems (GDS)

Travelport Academy
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Travelport Academy

Your “Hub” for all Travelport Training Services

Welcome to Travelport Academy – the one-stop online shop for travel industry training designed for students, educators or private training establishments looking to build or expand their curriculum. Travelport Academy takes the worry out of delivering, or receiving, a quality travel learning experience.

Travelport Academy immerses students in the Apollo™, Galileo™ or Worldspan™ Global Distribution Systems (GDS) via self-paced or real-time virtual sessions. Students will love the flexibility of a Travelport Academy education. Courses are Travelport accredited, making these learners stronger candidates for “real world” travel industry jobs. Colleges, universities and travel schools offering Travelport Academy can rest assured they’re getting the right online curriculum to support classroom work. And private entities offering Travelport Academy training know they’re selling a product that’s tailored to complement their education/business model.

Note: Travelport Academy is intended for individuals and travel training companies who do not currently have an association with Travelport. Current Travelport travel agent customers should visit the Training Services page for information on current subscriber training options.
Travelport Academy Updated Features and Benefits:
  • Self-paced GDS travel courses (available 24/7, 365 days a year), as well as real time instructor led virtual sessions, support a variety of learning styles and timeframes
  • Self-paced courses “start, stop and start again” options provide students personal flexibility
  • Courses and virtual sessions include all new entries, shortcuts and tools with regular updates to keep pace with the changing travel industry
  • 'Live' access to the Travelport GDS for education partners makes learning up-to-date and in line with current industry standards
  • Highly interactive learning sessions with scenario-based exercises ensure messages and skills translate to all training delivery formats
  • Travelport accredited certificates (issued upon course completion) are recognized by our global travel partners
  • provides online access to quickly review entries and answers
  • Become a Travelport Preferred Training Partner to promote and advertise your learning institution on

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