Training Services
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Training Services

Differentiate Your Agency with Highly Skilled Travel Agents

Travel agent talent plays a big role in differentiating your travel agency in today’s competitive environment. With the speed of change in the industry and traveler demand, a greater knowledge of GDS functionality and tools allows your agents to provide a higher level of customer service for your travelers − and keep them coming back for more.  

To help your agency provide continuous agent training and development, Travelport’s versatile training portfolio offers you a wide range of options to reduce training spend and impact on productivity. New agents are easily trained on your agency systems and processes, and you are able to develop and retain talented staff by building skills and experience.  

  • Self-paced tutorials
  • Instructor-led virtual training
  • Recorded demonstrations
  • ASK Travelport™ online help system
  • Traditional classroom training
  • Customized programs with blended training solutions

Manage Your Training Programme

Your agent training is easily accessed and managed through our secure Travelport Training Services Portal. The complete course listing is available online to managers and agents. Registration and attendance management in local language is easily accessed through country home pages to achieve operational proficiency in all agency locations.

Take your skills and expertise to a new level - starting today

To register for the Travelport Training Services Portal and explore your personal training programme, visit and click on your Travelport GDS link.