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“I believe Travelport to be the market leader.”

“Travelport stays ahead of the latest technological changes.”

“Very good product, easy to use, and excellent content.”

“I have worked with Galileo for almost 20 years and Travelport takes care of the majority of our needs.”

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Want to get involved?

If you are a Travelport customer and are not currently receiving the annual Tell Travelport survey, send an email to opinion@travelport.com with your name, business name, title, email address and phone number to be added to the survey distribution list.

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Providing informed travel choice requires that we understand the needs of our customers and deliver solutions that add value to their business. Our Tell Travelport customer feedback program is an essential tool for engaging with our customers to better understand their needs and learn firsthand what they think about our products, services, support and much more.  

How does the program work?
The Tell Travelport program includes an annual online satisfaction survey that invites our customers to provide candid feedback on how we are doing as their business partner. Using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) methodology, the survey gives us a good indication of the strength of our customer relationships, as well as detailed customer insight on Travelport’s competencies, competitive advantages and areas for improvement. Since launching in 2009, the annual survey has been successfully administered in 26 countries and 14 languages.

What have we learned?
Surveying our customers on a regular basis reveals unbiased information to help us achieve continuous improvement in our customer service and product development. A big part of the Tell Travelport program is turning this feedback into improvements. While not every problem can be fixed or product recommendation implemented, we listen and take action on recommendations. The full results from each survey are analyzed and fed back to Travelport’s various business units for further discussion and review – all with the common goal of improving our performance and customer satisfaction.

How can you get involved?
If you are a current Travelport customer and would like to participate in the annual Tell Travelport survey, please send an email to opinion@travelport.com and include your full name, organization, title, email address and phone number. A member of Travelport’s Market Research team will be in contact with you.