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Travelport was the first GDS provider to offer electronic ticketing.

Technical Services
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Technical Services

Realize Optimum Return on Your Technology Investment

When you make a significant investment in your agency’s technology, you want to ensure you are getting the optimum return on investment and highest efficiency possible. Travelport Technical Services provides the expertise to ensure your technology platform operates at maximum efficiency so that your resources are truly focused on the business of selling travel.

Uncommon Experience, Guaranteed Results

Do you have a technology partner to get you where you want to be? Travelport can assist you in leveraging your technology investments to meet your goals and objectives. Our team’s extensive knowledge ensures your agency problems are quickly and efficiently resolved, and will assist you in conquering challenges that arise, while taking advantage of new trends.   

Optimise Your Technology Investment

Our offerings provide you with solutions-driven recommendations to optimize your agency. Travelport Technical Services creates a cohesive, maximum-efficiency operating environment to:

  • Strengthen your technology portfolio to boost business and financial goals

  • Save time and money by implementing the right improvements and upgrades at the right time

  • Reduce downtime due to technical difficulties and get back to business

  • Increase employee productivity with properly installed and configured systems

Maximise the Value of Your Technology

Our team knows Travelport products and services better than anyone else. Their expertise substantially reduces downtime during set-up, configuration and troubleshooting to keep your agency productive and profitable.  

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