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Travelport Rooms and More

A web based comparison shopping and booking tool that offers global chain properties as well as regional independent properties.

What our customers say...

“We immediately appreciated the value of the meta-search functionality which empowers agents during the sales process to perform comprehensive hotel searches and offer customers competitive rates.”

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Mike Davidson

Vice President and General Manager
Hess Travel

Salt Lake City, Utah

Travelport Rooms and More™ for Agencies

Your One Stop Portal for Accommodations

Travelport Rooms and More is an innovative solution that offers you access to a wide variety of accommodations around the world. It doesn’t matter which GDS you use – or if you use one at all. You have the freedom to shop and book bed and breakfasts, boutiques, five-star deluxe hotels, budget accommodations and everything in between. Travelport Rooms and More also features a streamlined commission payment process that delivers monthly payments in your local currency.

Travelport’s global reach and great partnerships with hoteliers, lodging providers and hotel aggregators worldwide means Travelport Rooms and More can deliver competitively priced, up-to-the-minute availability for accommodations on every continent. You have the content you need to satisfy every type of request, from cost-conscious to free-spending travelers, and those who are particular about surroundings and amenities.

Benefits and features at a glance:
  • Shop and book a wider range of content than ever before, while comparing offerings and prices in one results display

  • Find the accommodations your clients desire with highly flexible search options such as price, star rating, location, facilities, activities and more

  • Capture valuable booking and commission data to easily identify and capitalize on the most profitable segments of your business

  • View offers for the same hotel from different aggregators for access to the best available offers

  • Save time and simplify your day with a single, password protected sign-in, eliminating the need to move from site to site and remember multiple passwords

  • Work in your local language with user-defined language options (content in local languages is provided by participating hotel and lodging partners)

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